Private Residence- Santa Cruz, CA

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Investigated: Oct 23, 2010 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent & Residual.

Site Details

For privacy reasons, the site location and details will be kept confidential. The investigation loation is a private residence.

Personal Experiences

During the investigation, we really did not encounter anything too unusual. The bedroom area, which turns out later to be an EVP hot-spot, had high EMF base reading all over, compared to the rest of the house. All the IR and multi-spectrum video came up clean except for a few glitches on the laser grid, which we ended up dismissing as related to battery issues. One member of the team felt a different energy in the room, but aside from that, we had no personal experiences or interactions (that we knew about at the time).

When we started to review the audio evidence from the recorder that was left in the bedroom, we heard what sound like very faint whispers. It was raining outside at the time and the sound of the raindrops did cause our minds to do audio matrixing, causing the rain to sound almost like whispers. However, after increasing the audio db levels and filtering out background frequencies, we were amazed at what we had actually captured. We didn't have the usual EVP evidence that's a word here and there; we had numerous spirits communicating for the entire length of the recording. Since we had limited time at the residence, we only had thirty minutes of recording, but within that time frame, it clearly defines a scene that is replaying some point in time. When we go into the room and start asking questions, we get clear responses from the spirits there. They even talk about us as being in passage. Interestingly enough, there's even references made by them indicating that they believe they are in a horrible dream. The insight obtained from this is just astounding and profound.

Due to the entire audio recording being EVPs, we had to split this into rough 30 second clips with our interpretation of the dialog. You will quickly hear that there are several spirits there throughout with unique voices. Some are very deep male, some are whispery faint female, and there's even voices which have actual sound behind that as if they were real people there. We've processed these the best that we can, sometimes having to change pitch or speed of a section to determine what's being said. There are names spoken repeatedly which can be identified as the main people there. The building, or at least part of it, used to be a type of medical center. Voices that are common throughout are those of surgeons (which they refer to themselves as numerous times), and nurses. There are also children being housed there, either as patients, or a type of day car perhaps. It's not clear exactly what is happening, but they are working a lot of people after a type of disaster, followed by a murder. We are merely "spying" on them during this time through our recorder. Once we enter the room, they communicate with us and are very aware of our presence. They even refer to our recorder as the gateway between us and they move closer to it to talk. They refer to us being in passage and some do not wish to partake in communicating to us, while others do. They seem to be aware that they are dead because they mentioned how it's hard to talk about one's murder and they're inside a dream. This is probably all beyond our level of understanding. The EVPs do not seem to be fully continuous, the time seems to "jump" around or almost fast-forward to different scenes. The fact that they go from residual to intelligent response indicate this is a type of "time slip" case.

Please review the collection of EVPs for yourself and let us know if you have any different interpretation of parts. Any reference to our location has been scrabbled, but the audio is other-wise uneditted (except for the background noise removal).


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