Private Residence - Fremont, CA

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Investigated: May 15, 2010 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent. Poltergeist Activity.

Site Details

The location for this investigation was a nice two-bedroom apartment. The investigation was done from midnight until after 3 AM, when most of the activity is said to have occurred. There were various types of activity described here, ranging from growling sounds, to heaviness (static) in the air, to kitchen cabinetry opening and closing all night. The paranormal activity was described as possibly aggressive, and definitely not timid. Whatever was here wanted to make itself known to the people living there.

The history of the location is unknown. If anything bad happens at an apartment complex, the owners usually don’t want to release that information (unless required by law) because it would lower the value of the apartment. There were numerous holes that appear to have been punched into the walls, which gives suspicion to negative situations in the past.

Personal Experiences

When we got to the apartment, we didn’t feel anything heavy or strange. This changed shortly after we began our investigation. The first place we wanted to investigate was the kitchen, since the residents repeatedly heard banging sounds as if someone was actually in the kitchen. While there were high EMF fields in the kitchen area, we could not debunk the sounds of the cabinets (which we ourselves heard throughout the night). A recorder was placed in the kitchen and captured many bangs from cabinets closing right next to the recorder. We attempted an EVP session with all of us sitting on the kitchen floor. One of the old flashlight tricks is to twist the end just so that it won’t turn on, but only requires a nudge to light up. We left the flashlight on the floor, asked for a sign of the entity’s presence, and immediately the flashlight came on. We tried to repeat this, unsuccessfully, so it’s hard to say if it was just vibrations setting it off, or if it was legit. But, for the rest of the night, it did not turn on again. Once we began asking questions, one investigator noted getting really light-headed and tired. The other investigators also said they felt a little dizzy. This affected all of us at the same time and did not happen again for the rest of the investigation.

The group moved on to the bedroom to do some EVP work there as well. There was a lot of K2 activity in direct response to our questions, so we geared our questions towards figuring out who was there and why (which we will omit here due to confidentiality). During this time, we were hearing constant bangs from the kitchen, and the investigators that were close to the hallway kept hearing possible voices coming from that direction. At one time, we heard what could have been a disembodied voice of a child. Along with all that activity, we caught numerous EVPs on our audio recorders that are intelligent responses to what we were doing and asking. One of the best personal experiences of the night was asking if the entity could make it cold (the K2 lit up “yes” in response), then immediately after, the temperature right where one of the investigators was, dropped about fifteen degrees within a few seconds. It lasted several seconds before dissipating. This was one of the best cold spots (on-demand) that we have experienced. Along with cold spots, we also experienced goose bumps and the heaviness feeling, as if something had been entering the room with us.

After a couple hours, the groups split up to investigate separate areas of the apartment. Two investigators went into the kitchen to try to do some debunking. While they were there, they kept hearing scratching sounds in the hallway, so they went to the hallway to figure out what would make those sounds. During this time, a loud growling sound was captured on both camcorders they were holding, but they did not hear with their own ears at the time. This same growling sound was captured at another time on the stationary kitchen recorder as well.

At one point, an investigator went alone into the dining room to try to locate the entity. After only a few minutes, she felt a heavy, dark presence right next to her and the resident came out and confirmed that he, too, felt the entity at the same location. It was a dark, “stare down” feeling of something that did not want you to be there.

After reviewing all the evidence, it appears that there are multiple entities at this location. We captured a voice of a child (possibly female) several times, and the questioning series with the K2 responses suggested a child’s presence as well. However, on other EVPs, we captured an older, darker, voice. It’s hard to tell based on tone alone, but there might also be multiple people (adults) responding. Some responses are a rough, deep male voice, while others are whispers (possibly female). The EVPs were almost all directly responding to us, or what we were doing at the time, as well were the K2 responses. Additionally, the growls captured indicate that a dog may still reside at this location in spirit as well.

This was definitely one of our favorite spots, with so much going on. The client has since moved, and hopefully the new residents don’t experience so much paranormal activity.


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