Historic Bordello - Oakland, CA

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Location: Private Residence - Oakland, CA Investigated: Jun 10, 2012 Haunted?   Yes. Intelligent.

Site Details

The historical location has been used for multiple purposes throughout the years. It's notable for being a bar and a bordello for upscale clients. Today, the site is under private ownership, but much of the original building has remained intact. The place has a lot of character, with midget-sized rooms and walkways, peep holes, and even a well-kept bar. Since the location is right on a main street, there were a lot of external sounds that made us focus more on a visual investigation.

Personal Experiences

Our investigation focused on key areas identified by the client as having the most potential for paranormal activity. Claims of shadows, apparations, and moving objects all existed at this site, so we placed five static cameras to hopefully capture some of this activity. We broke up into two teams of two to cover the basement, first floor, and second floor levels. While investigating we didn't really experience any EMF activity, but there were a lot of knocks and bangs that we weren't able to identify. Since they weren't consistant, we left them to the old building settling.

Our main activity was with the most basic of tools -- our flashlights. We had two identical flashlights setup (except one was pink and the other black). Using "the flashlight technique", we were able to get them to turn on and off based on questions that we asked. At first, the answers seemed pretty direct, but as time went on, the responses seemed to be more random. At the end of the investigation, we went back to the basement one last time and we got a very fast and direct response from a spirit when we asked if they wanted us to leave.


Don't accept it"?
This male voice is in response to the investigator's question. We're not sure if it's saying don't accept it, or something like "I don't sense it".

"She meant you."
After a soft bang, there's a response from a muffled voice, perhaps talking to another spirit in the room to let them know we were talking to them?

This is just a loud Hey! that is heard during an EVP session.