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New Year and New Investigations Up!
Post by Nikki on Jan 3, 2016

Hey Ghosties!

Happy 2016! Hopefully you got some delightful new gadgets to play with ghost hunting this new year.

These past few months, we've focused our attention to more historical sites. The cold, rainy weather has finally returned to California, making it hard to do much in terms of investigation. That being said, we did sneak in some travel during dry spells and added five new investigations. We ventured to Napa Valley to Calistoga and Sonoma, and the surrounding area. Then went down south towards Paso Robles.

- Pioneer Cemetery
- Castello di Amoroso
- OLD Pioneer Cemetery
- Wolf House
- Adelaide Cemetery

I often feel that investigations when it's cold often lead to a decrease in activity due to not having energy in the air to draw from. There were definitely quite a lot of EVPs at a couple of these locations; however, they were faint. My favourite EVPs are ones that you can hear while using a live monitor and can respond to immediately. It's frustrating when you can hear what sounds like talking at a distance, but can't decipher what's being said.

Enjoy the new content and Happy New Year!