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Dead Man's Hollow Investigation Up!
Post by Nikki on Oct 12, 2015

I had the pleasure of investigating Dead Man's Hollow in western PA, near Boston and McKeesport areas. This location has a lot of history of deaths: industrial accidents, natural disasters, hanging, etc. I played here as a kid, before I knew what the paranormal was. I finally got a chance to return with our fancy equipment and scope things out. Nature was not on our side - it got dark on us, it was raining on and off, and trains/planes kept going by - oh and it was FREEZING. That's PA for you. The audio always gets us the best evidence. While there were a lot of potential EVPs, I couldn't include them because we were talking over them, or they just were phonemes. I did get a good sentence from a male, though. Got some FLIR footage this time as well!

Happy Ghosting!