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Hearing EVPs
Post by Nikki on Jul 7, 2013

Hey Ghosties!

If you are having trouble playing the audio EVPs on this site, please upgrade your Flash! I know, technology sucks some time. If you're all updated and it still doesn't play, let me know ( I can look into purchasing an HTML5 player (which then wouldn't work on older browsers).

And one more thing! When listening to EVPs, please PLEASE use headphones! Not only that, but use over-the-ear headphones that will block out a lot of the external noises. Do NOT use active noise cancellation headphones. These actually insert audio frequencies that can cancel out the faint EVPs. You don't want to use something that's going to modify the audio in any way. One more tip -- get headphones that have emphasis on bass. These play lower frequencies that you wouldn't get to hear otherwise. You don't need anything expensive. I use the "JVC Xtreme Xplosives Around-ear headband headphones that reproduce powerful and dynamic deep bass sound." which were around $30.