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HMR12 Evidence Posted!
Post by Nikki on Mar 16, 2013

The Haunted Mansion Retreat Year 2 is now posted under the evidence section. There's once again a ton of EVPs, more than we could ever cut and post, but there's a good number of them up there to listen to. We're bummed we didn't catch any visual evidence this time, especially since we had every inch covered with our cameras! Still working on video for it, but the ol' Mac cries whenever it has to process HD video. The book with our investigation report and a poem by K is also coming out soon and info about how to order will be posted within the next month.

We're looking at other places in the area to visit as well as stocking up on more equipment. We bought more thermochromatic paper with different sets of temperature reactions, as well as a "Chaser Light" that detects thermal changes in the air around it and lights up when there's a change.

Happy Ghosting!