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Haunted Mansion Retreat
Post by Nikki on Oct 8, 2012

Well, we (me, K, and Diane) have survived another year of the Haunted Mansion Retreat with some great writers! It's always nice to go back to a location after you've investigated it before because you're familiar with the hot spots and even the entities. This time, we had a ton of new gear - including a full CCTV DVR system with HD and UV/IR cameras, thermochromatic paper, static meter, and a bunch of other random stuff! The best tool ended up being our voice recorder that has a monitor capability that allows us to listen live to EVPs. Hearing EVPs played back is one thing, but hearing them live is quite another.

With four CCTVs going for two days, our hand-held video cameras going, and five voice recorders going over-night it's going to be quite a lonnnnngggg evidence review. I've gone through a few files already and it's non-stop EVPs. The spirits there are very talky. It'll be awhile before we post evidence. It's particularly difficult to post EVP clips when the entire recording is EVPs, so we'll have to work that out.

And of course, there'll be another book coming out of this. We also go to sport our new GhostGirl jackets!

Happy Ghosting!