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St James Park
Post by Nikki on Apr 11, 2012

Hi Ghosties!

We just got done investigating St James Park in San Jose. Now, this was not by any means a typical location. The park is smack in the middle of downtown San Jose, full of homeless people, trains, car traffic, and all the downtown nightlife of a major city. What we wanted to do was make people think twice about places they go to on a daily basis and would never even consider to be haunted. Well, this little park, surrounded by the city courthouses, Starbucks, Post Office, etc is the site of a good ol' fashion lynch mob and hanging back in the 1930s. Residual haunts have no cares about the state of the location in the present. While we knew we couldn't do an actual legitimate investigation, we were hoping at least to catch and EVP, some K2 activity, or anything that would get people thinking about a location in both its past and present state (and maybe even future!). We're going through the analysis now, so we will be posting shortly what we catch and some video to boot!

Also, we picked up some new gear. A decibel meter (great to leave next to a camcorder and voice-recorder to see when an EVP may be captured), and the new e-Field detectors (positive and negative) that were recently featured on GHI. We can't wait to use those in a future investigation!

Happy Ghosting!