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Mt. Madonna Investigation
Post by nikki on Mar 8, 2011

Hey Ghosties!

The winter weather is slowly getting better. We braved the rain forecast and headed up to Mt. Madonna in Gilroy this past weekend. It was great because we only ran into a couple people the whole time and there was no wind. Last time we investigated the Henry Miller ruins, we had some K2 activity and a couple of EVPs; however, the wind really hindered the investigation. This time though, conditions were wonderful!

We again had some sparse K2 activity. Being up on top of a mountain with no one around, no power, and no cell phones, it's definitely a good sign of spiritual activity when we get K2 hits there. We're only beginning to analyze all the audio, but so far, there's been some great EVPs captured. K also saw a shadow figure in the woods and chased after it, only to catch a footprint being made and bush leaves moving. It's an exciting place and we want to go back at night (if the mountain lions will leave us alone...).

Expect to see the evidence posted on our site soon! We'll also have video (regular and multispectrum) as well.