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Santa Cruz Posted
Post by nikki on Dec 12, 2010

The investigation information and evidence is posted on our website now. Just click on the "Investigations" link at the bottom, or if you just want to listen to the EVPs, click on "Evidence".

This was the most amazing collection of evidence we've ever had, possibly of anything that has ever been collected by other groups as well. We only had a short time there, and it wasn't a full investigation since there were a lot of other people at the location. We hope to be able to go back and use some more EVP-enhancing gear to further develop the history that's re-occuring here.

The EVPs are in 30 second clips because the entire session was filled with talking, not just a few responses. You'll want to use headphones to listen, and turn the volume up. Please let us know if you have any different interpretations of the audio. We spent a lot of time in analysis of this; however, there's ambiguous words throughout.

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