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Mill Valley Case Posted!
Post by nikki on Nov 22, 2010

We're finally through all the audio and video from the Mill Valley investigation. There's five webisodes posted so you can watch. They are split by location, and even the writers themselves get into the action! There's some significant video evidence, including a black mass and unknown light caught on camcorder, along with many EVPs. All the evidence is posted under the "Evidence" section in the menu. There's around 70 audio EVPs, 12 video clips, 5 webisodes, and a couple of interesting photos to look at! Whew.

If all of THAT wasn't enough, the Santa Cruz case has given us even BETTER stuff in terms of EVPs. Usually we get a few EVPs per location (with the exception of our last investigation)... but this place was like actually going back in time and being there while people are doing their daily work. I have never, ever heard of anything like it. The entire time the recorder was running, it was capturing EVPs. Unfortunately, it takes about half an hour to go through 30 seconds of audio. There's many spirits talking and moving, that it's hard to piece together everything. What's interesting is that this is a "time-slip" case where it seems all residual, but then when we start interacting, the spirits directly respond to us in the present. After we leave (and leave the recorder running), the EVPs go back to the time they think they're in.

We are going through and giving a transcript and clips to the client. We can't post anything without permission, so hopefully we can clean stuff up enough to keep the location private and not disclose anything that's unwanted.

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