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Update from K
Post by K on Oct 19, 2010

"Within seconds the room had closed in on me, and I was left victim to the blackness that had engulfed the room began as I began to suffocate"

So K. here. Nothing exciting or frightening happening around my pad tonight. I'm alone at home; at perfect ease. The house is dark, but there is calm surrounded by the gentle candle flicker and steady beat of my ipod. I do not feel the presence of anyone but myself and my pit bull, Lexie, who is snoozing peacefully beside me. But the lack of "activity" around me does not hinder my hunger towards the paranormal.

As a young child I lived in fear a lot of the times, mostly when I was alone, which unfortunately was most of the time. The things I saw were passed off as my "over-active imagination" and I spent countless hours trying to persuade myself that there was nothing there.

As I got older, the shadow people became more invasive, and I became more frantic in the quest for answers.......

................And now I'm anxiously awaiting my next stab at our next investigation; just in time for Halloween....

~Next Stop: Santa Cruz~