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New Case & Evidence
Post by nikki on Oct 19, 2010

Howdy Ghosties!

We've updated the website with investigation information for the TransAllegheny Insane Asylum and Bernal Ranch Revisit. Both of these are listed under the "Investigation" section with EVPs, photos, and description of the investigations. Also, there are videos posted under the "Videos" link as well. The TAIA footage is pretty scary, I love it! There's also guest appearances by Steve and Tango from TAPS (<3).

We're also scheduled to do an investigation this upcoming weekend down in Santa Cruz. We will be doing both an outdoor investigation of an historic location, as well as two residential investigations.

Hopefully I'll have all the evidence and video footage from the Haunted Mansion Writer's Retreat posted before then! And I still have some footage from our multi-spectrum camcorder to post from the last USS Hornet trip we made.

Much love and happy haunting!