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Post by nikki on Sep 30, 2010

Hey Ghosties!

If you head on over to the "About" section, you can see we now have Twitter and a new Facebook page. This is a good way to keep up to date, moreso than these not-so-frequently-updated blogs. ;)

We have an obvious backlog of evidence review from the last four places. It takes so much time watching all the video, editing it for webisodes, cross-referencing it to audio, listening to audio (cross-referencing with other audio)... it's like having a second job! But we want to be thorough and rule out anything that isn't paranormal. Something captured on one recorder can sound completely different on another. Using multiple recording devices helps eliminate false positives.

We're looking for another member or two -- preferably someone who can be a case manager and contact all the places we want to investigate, and work through all the scheduling issues. If you're interested, head over to the "Apply" page, review the requirements, and submit the form if you think you qualify! We somewhat recently lost two members. One moved out of state in the beginning of summer, and another wasn't fullfilling the member agreement contract (investigation attendance and response requirements). So training another investigator is on our TODO list!

One more thing! The name! Our last name, Paranormal Investigators of Northern California (PINC) had issues. First, we do not actually cover northern california. We kept getting cases way north like in Redding, and we just can't travel that far. So that part was misleading to clients. Then, there are at least two other paranormal groups called PINC - (for north CAROLINA, and p.INC, both of which go by PINC)... and another group called "Northern California Paranormal Investigators", which was just too confusing with us having the same acronym. I also do not want any commitment to having to keep my hair pink! So I hope you like the new name. It makes it clear that we are an all-female group as well. People seem to like that a lot.

So sorry for the lack of new content! This Writer's Retreat has a LOT of data to go over. But we are 3/4ths of the way through it. After that, I'll backtrack for the last 3 investigations and get them posted.

Keep on ghostin'!