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Mansion Experience [K]
Post by K. on Sep 23, 2010

K. here. Ghost hunting can be time consuming, as mostly nikki can tell you, as she reviews most of our evidence. Between juggling a full-time work and school load, reviewing even one instrament for extracting evidence can be time consuming. That being said, here I am, crouched down and curled up on my floor, earphones in, listening attentively to any sign of paranormal activity on my digital voice recorder.

The Haunted Mansion retreat turned out to be a real treat. Other than meeting some amazing people and authors, aaand of the course wine, the mansion had a sort of perpelling ambience to it. As expected, we entered the house upon a doxen or so creative minded horror authors that had nothing for stories about activity. Perhaps a handful of imaginative authors building fear up top each other's wild imaginations? Or something more? We were there to find out.

And of course, who was the first one to lay down in the creepy dark beds in a secluded area on the top floor and antagonize the ""spirits"", or go into the dark room with the cold breeze and heavy feelings? Me.

Besides sharing a couple moments of interest, the mansion didn't seem to stir up any crazy activity for us. Perhaps the spirts were enthralled at the idea of entertaining this imaginative and rowdy group and was saving, "the good stuff" for when everyone was asleep and us ghost girls weren't patrolling their crib with a bunch of blinky lights and devices and being harassed to speak. Or perhaps there really was nothing there at all except for a bunch of overactive imaginations and good ghost story sharing.......what will it be? You'll have to stay tuned for our unveiling of our collaborated evidence.

Until then,