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Haunted Mansion Retreat
Post by nikki on Sep 22, 2010

Now that I've had time to unpack the gear, start downloading all the evidence to review, and reflect on the experience -- it's probably a good time to have a blog update!

The mansion itself (to remain anonymous out of respect for the owners) is quite lovely and on beautiful property. As with all old buildings, the house itself has a unique feel to it. Dark places feel especially eerie, and there's always weird nooks where something may be lurking!

The writers were all very friendly and laid back, a very delightful and playful bunch! Randi and K were there to help with the investigation as well. We had some time to ourselves to investigate the floors and outer pond area of the house at our leisure. While the writers were experiencing activity at night, we didn't have much go on while we were there. To help draw out the spirits, a couple of the writers did tarot card readings. Apparently, that helped, because EVPs were captured during the session. The staff at the mansion also showed us around and told stories. All in all, very happy with everything and I'm sure the writers got some interesting stories out of it!

A presentation was given on Saturday (luckily a co-worker loaned me her projector!), then I allowed the writers to use our equipment to investigate the place. I'll be putting together a DVD of the evidence after reviewing everything, and also just a memorative DVD of clips from the whole experience for everyone to keep.

While there's over 20 hours of evidence to review, I'm going to try to burn through it fast. I still haven't finished the review of TransAllegheny Lunatic Asylum, but that's a lower priority. I'm REALLY hoping to catch something AMAZING at this place. The staff are also very interested in seeing what we caught.