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Post by nikki on Sep 19, 2010

I've been working on converting the GG site from PHP to AJAX, so that it's more lightweight. I hate loading an entire page every time I click a new link. So now it only loads the contents of a particular DIV. ANYWAY, this means stuff will hopefully be faster, more dynamic, and easier to view on a cellphone or slower internet connection.

The bad news is that some stuff is broke. The calendar isn't displaying (but the dates are at least!). The audio and video has broken javascript. It'll usually play one page, but if you go to another site, the audio or video won't play. Grrrr. I am working on figuring that one out.

The contact/apply forms now work too, as should the map.

I am working on evidence review from the last two places still, so I will post when stuff is up! But I'll also be working on the website as well. More stuff coming soon!