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Trans Allegheny Insane Asylum
Post by nikki on Sep 6, 2010

I flew out to West Virginia to attend the TAPS-hosted event at the Trans Allgeheny Insane Asylum. They captured a lot of activity when they did their TV show investigation there, so it was an exciting place to visit! And let me tell you -- now matter how huge it looks on TV, it is WAY more huge in person.

The event itself was somewhat small given the size of the asylum. This was great because it meant people like me could go off and have entire wards to explore all alone. We split into groups and rotated per floor and medical center. Everyone got to explore all the wards and Steve, Tango, and Amy were all there as well. I've met Amy before at a past event and it was cool seeing her out there since she's also from California.

I mentioned the place was huge, well... it's ward connecting to ward connecting to ward. I got lost so many times. You could easily spend a couple hours walking around there and NOT get around the whole place. They give 8 hour visitor tours. We were there for 8 hours, so I can definitely see how it can take that long. I'd love to go back when there aren't so many other people there.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any paranormal experiences there. I did possibly capture some EVPs though that will be posted on the site. Unfortunately, some people there did take the event as a joke or a place to "hang out", and just stood around and goofed off or whispered a lot, so that really contaminated almost all the audio (except for the points where I got REALLY far away).

I admit that I got scared once, when I had been doing an EVP session for awhile and realized that no one else was around me. I ran back to where we started and came across no one else. So I ran back to where I thought I was before, but it was a different area. I was lost, and I didn't see the ONE door that connected to the other wards. It was totally dark, and you could hear water dripping. The scary part was just that it's a maze and all people disappeared. Straight out of a horror movie, haha. This is where watching scary movies does harm!

Video and evidence to be posted shortly!