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Preston Castle
Post by nikki on Jun 19, 2010

We thorougly loved Preston Castle and getting to have the castle to ourselves for several hours. We were short-staffed, but we made sure we had camcorders and voice recorders everywhere. We covered the place very well. Unfortunately, that means days upon days (or weeks) of evidence review. We'll get it posted as soon as we can. We had a photographer with us as well, so there will be some pro photos coming out of this investigation to enjoy.

We went to the castle during the day since it was our first time. We're definitely going back at night as a follow-up. It's always different to actually go to a place after you've seen it on TV. TV makes places seem a lot bigger than what they are. Preston is HUGE, don't get me wrong. Some rooms just seemed bigger on camera than what we saw. But, I definitely recognized a lot of the hotspots as we did the walk-through. We made sure to cover all those continuously.

We'll announce on here, and on Facebook, when our evidence is reviewed. We didn't have any major personal experiences, but we did "hear" EVPs as we listened to them live.