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Berkeley Documentary
Post by nikki on Mar 15, 2010

Four of us met up with the folks wanting to do a documentary on paranormal investigation for a school project. We chose to go back to the private residence in Berkeley since it has been awhile since we had been there and we wanted to follow up on the location. After the documentary guys showed up, they joined us on our investigation of the victorian house. I love old houses that have so many untold stories... you can feel it.

This time, we had a lot of new equipment. The PX (just released by Bill Chappell over at Digital Dowsing) was definitely interesting. In some areas, it wouldn't "talk" at all; other times, it wouldn't stop. We also had the IR camcorder, a Frank's box, IR motion sensor, induction amplifier, UV light, EMF detectors, and a bunch of other stuff. But really, voice recorders have always given us the best evidence. With things like the PX, it is human nature to want to associate words with meanings.

After review all the data collected, we will post it under the Investigations section. Also, Hotel Leger is within the next week. I'm very excited about that historic place!