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Too much rain!
Post by nikki on Jan 22, 2010

Sorry there haven't been many updates this month. It's been raining so much that it keeps causing us to reschedule our investigations. I would -love- to have more indoor places to investigate, but we keep running into the situation where businesses do not want the stigma associated with a haunting. And that is definitely understandable because it could drive away customers; however, it can also BRING customers (Stanley Hotel, Wolfe Manor, USS Hornet, etc). So it's tough tracking down the latter types.

Another wall we run into is that historic properties owned by a city do not allow you inside if you are not a resident of the same city. To me, that is NOT acceptable, since there is no reason to prohibit who can view our historic treasures based on their residency. I pay SO much money to California taxes, I would appreciate the opportunity to tour our own landmarks.

When the rain clears up, we'll be back on our investigations again. Oh, and I am excited that our new Ovilus/Puck (the PX) will be arriving soon! Thanks to the folks at Digital Dowsing for continuing to experiment and create new products for electronically-challenged folks like us. :)