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USS Hornet Re-Visit
Post by nikki on Dec 10, 2009

BRrrrrrrrrr! We decided to go to visit the old Grey Ghost again on the coldest day of the year!

We were so excited to go again since we had such amazing experiences last time and we also had some new equipment since our previous investigation. Unfortunately, we didn't have a single EMF hit that couldn't be debunked. There were also no personal experiences. Which, given the reputation of this ship, is pretty difficult NOT to have. We are not sure on why this was, but my hypothesis from this is that ghosts do NOT like the cold either! Haha. But, more seriously, since spirits require energy to manifest, one can assume that it is drawn from the air (among other sources), which is why we experience what are known as "cold spots". If the air is freezing, then the molecules have less energy. When we went before and had a lot of activity, it was warm in June.

So there you have it, my new hypothesis on the paranormal is that cold air inhibits spirit manifestation. Maybe next time we will bring a space heater to get all those molecules in the air bouncing around and releasing energy! (Disclaimer: This is only my opinion.)

We are going through all the evidence now. It's a lot to go through! The video will take some time to edit and process, but I hope to have something for people to watch before the end of the year.

OH, and next weekend we will be at the Beyond Reality Event with members from Ghost Hunters (International) for an over-night investigation at the Clovis Sanatarium (aka. Wolfe Manor). We will keep you posted!

Happy Hunting!