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We are an all-female paranormal investigation group based out of the San Francisco area and founded in 2009. Our focus is on understanding how the paranormal can further progress our view of science and reality. Using evidence collected during investigations, we strive to arrive at answers for questions such as:

- Is it possible to reproduce an environment where a spirit will stay after death?
- How do spirits experience time? Is it linear or can they shift to any period?
- How do spirits manipulate energy?
- Do spirits have mass that we just can't see in the visible spectrum?
- How do spirits see us?
- What type of force do spirits use to move and interact with matter?

It is important to us to share our evidence with the community. All photo, video, and audio evidence we collect is posted on our website unless a client prohibits itfor privacy reasons. We invite you to review all the evidence and let us know what you think! We are also happy to review any questionable material you may have and give you our feedback - just contact us!

We also do paranormal investigations as requested by clients. This allows us to obtain additional evidence which we can use in our research. This partnership with ou r clients benefits both parties by providing them free investigations and provides us with new data. WE NEVER CHARGE FOR AN INVESTIGATION. Please read our FAQ section for further information. If you wish to contact us, you may email us or use the contact menu option and fill out an online form. We will respond to you promptly.


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Location:Pogonip Park - Santa Cruz, CA
Investigated:Sep 3, 2012

Site Details

The Haunted Meadow is located inside Pogonip Park, between Cowell College and Highway 9. It is at the head of the Haunted Meadow trail, off of Fern trail. The site is in the area of the historic lime kilns and near the old powder works. Legends say that Sarah Agnes Cowell had died in this meadow when she was thrown off her buggy. History reports a different story that Sarah did not die in that location; however, given the workers at the lime kiln and powder works, it's still a site of interest for paranormal activity.

Personal Experiences

We had no paranormal experiences while at the meadow or while hiking around. It felt very peaceful. However, after getting home and starting audio analysis, it was clear that this location was nothing like it appears. The first thing that we noticed is that the audio recordings had odd mechanical sounds on it. It's only happened once before at a nearby Santa Cruz location. It sounds as if entities are imprinting on the recorder, but it comes out very choppy. There were other very clear EVPs captured though. While we didn't venture into the meadow itself (snakes, black widows, etc), we did an EVP session on the trail around it in various areas. There were several voices captured. Most seem to be residual while a few refered to us and our questions. A marjority of the audio recording sounds like there are faint whispers in the background (constantly) throughout -- too far away to dinstinguish any words.

We also visited the lime kiln remains and captured a few EVPs even though we were only there for a few minutes. Those EVPs are more faint, but it would be fair to say that the whole park area is haunted. We weren't able to determine any specifics, but there was no references to Sarah or any Cowells. Most likely, these people were there from the powder works or lime kiln workers. We didn't expect to actually capture anything and this will be one location that we are eager to get back to in order to do a more thorough EVP session.


B Play
"Kill her."
Right before the investigator speaks, you can hear this possible threat that is made. Not sure if it's an intelligent threat at us or not..
B Play
"Go away. (Don't swear). Shut the door."
The go away may be directed at us with the door referring to our recorder (it's been called a gateway before). But it's likely these two entities are residual..
B Play
"Please say the words."
A spirit comes across loud and clear on the recorder, most likely referring to us..
C Play
As we were walking around the outskirts of the meadow, we captured this. It has a slight intonation as well..
C Play
"Steward isn't here. (Who's that?)"
After asking if the location was haunted, we capture these two voices. The first sounds female and then a second male voices says a word or two that we can't make out..
C Play
"We cleared sonic?"
This appears to be a direct response to what is being talked about, so intelligent. We're not sure what's being said..
C Play
"The people are already dead."
The entities may be trying to tell us that we're silly for trying to talk to dead people?.
C Play
"What day are they going?"
A residual voice is captured here, possibly talking to another entity.
C Play
"Tell her. What's already in store."
his doesn't seem to be answering the investigator's question, but it sounds like two different voices, the first one being mor clear. If directed at us, it's creepy. It can also be residual like some others. .
C Play
"Come up, I love you."
Residual. A name may be spoken, but too hard to identify. We were just walking around at the time and caught this..
C Play
"Come here at once. (Where?)"
More random voices captured that are too hard to clearly make out, but you can hear them..
C Play
"That one was great. Is it true that (something)? ... Monster."
There's a lot of talking going on that's not us. Seems two entities are talking about something..
C Play
"No work."
This was at the lime kilns..
D Play
"The gang war."
Very faint at the lime kilns..
D Play
Misc. whispers.
These are faint whispers, but there are multiple voices in the background that are way too soft to make out..


EVP Evidence
EVP Evidence Collection:
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Electronic Voice Phenomena are sounds captured on a digital voice recorder that were not heard by natural means. This includes sounds imprinted through psychokinesis, or through disembodied (spiritual) communication. If the origin cannot be debunked, EVPs are often considered a strong piece of evidence towards a haunted location.

To hear these clips with clearity, use headphones.

The EVPs below are categorized by location (most recent first) and then by quality of the EVP. The quality is determined by its volume, clearity, and relevence. These are all open to interpretation!

- Grade A:   Very clear and easy to understand what's being said. Usually in direct response to us.
- Grade B:   Mostly clear, but some words may not be identifiable. May be in direct response to us.
- Grade C:   A whisper or word that is ambiguous or out of place.
- Grade D:   Any other unidentifyable sound.

Note, we try to keep audio in its original format. Usually, if editting needs done, we just do some background noise removal to make the EVP more distinct. In a couple of cases, we've had to change the speed, to better understand what's being said. No other editting is done on these clips!
Blog History
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Hearing EVPs

Post by Nikki on Jul 7, 2013

Hey Ghosties!

If you are having trouble playing the audio EVPs on this site, please upgrade your Flash! I know, technology sucks some time. If you're all updated and it still doesn't play, let me know (nikki@ghostgirls.org). I can look into purchasing an HTML5 player (which then wouldn't work on older browsers).

And one more thing! When listening to EVPs, please PLEASE use headphones! Not only that, but use over-the-ear headphones that will block out a lot of the external noises. Do NOT use active noise cancellation headphones. These actually insert audio frequencies that can cancel out the faint EVPs. You don't want to use something that's going to modify the audio in any way. One more tip -- get headphones that have emphasis on bass. These play lower frequencies that you wouldn't get to hear otherwise. You don't need anything expensive. I use the "JVC Xtreme Xplosives Around-ear headband headphones that reproduce powerful and dynamic deep bass sound." which were around $30.


HMP Year 2 Book Is Out!

Post by Nikki on Jun 22, 2013

"In the fall of 2012, seventeen horror writers and artists met in Northern California to spend four days together in a haunted mansion. Ten of them were survivors of the original Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat; the rest were virgins who encountered the house and its denizens for the first time. Joining them was the group of paranormal investigators who had recorded a plethora of EVPs as well as anomalous lights and ominous shadows in the mansion in 2010. This anthology collects short stories and poetry—as well as real impressions and investigative conclusions—inspired by that long weekend. "

Book available now on Amazon.com !