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GhostGirls is an all-female paranormal investigation group based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We use technology and creative investigation techniques to attempt to capture evidence of the paranormal and ask questions that may offer insight into our understanding of reality. It is important that we share all our evidence with the community. All photo, video, and audio evidence is posted on our website (with client approval), so please let us know what you think!

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Dead Man's Hollow Investigation Up!
Post by Nikki on Oct 12, 2015

I had the pleasure of investigating Dead Man's Hollow in western PA, near Boston and McKeesport areas. This location has a lot of history of deaths: industrial accidents, natural disasters, hanging, etc. I played here as a kid, before I knew what the paranormal was. I finally got a chance to return with our fancy equipment and scope things out. Nature was not on our side - it got dark on us, it was raining on and off, and trains/planes kept going by - oh and it was FREEZING. That's PA for you. The audio always gets us the best evidence. While there were a lot of potential EVPs, I couldn't include them because we were talking over them, or they just were phonemes. I did get a good sentence from a male, though. Got some FLIR footage this time as well!

Happy Ghosting!

New Investigation Up!
Post by Nikki on Jul 28, 2014

We did a quick investigation over at Shoreline Park in Mountain View. There's an historic house there (the owners don't want it to be specifically mentioned) and to our surprise, there was a ton of EVP activity out in the garden area! Unfortunately, it was quite windy, being next to the bay of course, so only a few EVPs made it through screening. We will be going back with thermal and this time bring a wind screen for the voice recorder. It's always exciting when we go to a location and expect to capture nothing at all and end up with audio of people talking right back to us!

Happy Ghosting!